I had a dream about the new grown man I'm crushing on (even though I'm not 100% sure what he looks like which I know is incredibly stupid).

I was hanging out with him, bonding with him, becoming affectionate with him (his real GF appeared once in the background to say "hi" but I ignored her for the most part). Then I kind've either died or went plain invisible. However, around 50% of people could still see me, fewer could still hear me, and I could still interact with physical objects.

So I traveled around in this way, half existing, half not. Some people seeing me, some not. Everyone getting along with me. I'd visit JD, the guy, rather often. We'd hug a whole bunch, even though I was invisible. He gave very lovely, deep hugs. They felt real.

I somehow ended up meeting Mike Rowe (in the past?) while filming Dirty Jobs while I was invisi-dead. He was nice.

The best parts were hugging JD though.