otaku_emmy said:
I don't like thinking about him having a GF, since she's not actively a part of what he does and what little exposure I have to him. ...She might even be his wife. I haven't paid much attention to his fingers. But men with that much property are usually married.

I love him very much.
Not part of what he does?

What does he do?

And lol ya found yourself a rich man! Uhh I mean treat him like a sugar daddy 💰💰 but loving him sounds hard if he’s gonna have another shawty, unless that’s what you like. Loool it kinda sounds like one of those situation where it’s like “he has a girlfriend, but” *sassily whispers* “she don’t know him like meeeeeee…”. It is an ego boost tho…

Uh… is he close to you physically? How long have y’all been talking?