My first car is a Chevrolet Celta (this version but with 4 doors), I got it from my dad about a month ago, it's second-hand car, I like cars but I'm not an expert either, I still don't have so much technical knowledge, some information about it, it's a simple car, it has a 4-cylinder engine, FWD, stock 13" rims, manual, this car for now I have no interest in modifying, I'll just put a GPS device, maybe 17" rims in the future and change the suspension.

I like SUV's and JDM, a car I would like to have is a Skyline R34 and a Mazda RX7 with its rotary engine (wankel engine), these I would like to modify the engine, suspension, body kit and wheels etc, but I live in a shitty country and all of that would be very difficult and expensive to do it, it would be a lot of bureaucracy, probably not even authorized by the state agency, I'm also interested in cars meeting and drifting.


Last year I tried to get a driver's license, but I didn’t do well in clutch control, where I live has a lot of uphill and downhill, so you have to do the clutch control on both, it cannot be too far from the curb, that's my problem, the notion of space inside the car, I found the exam a little unfair but I'll try again.

I plan to use it for work and have fun going to some places, like the mountains that surround here.

I'm interested in airplanes, in specific fighters, one day I would want to fly on, I just wanted to, because it will never happen, I don't even know if I can resist the g-force.

Trains I don't know much about or have much interest, but this train (Santa Fe 3751) is the coolest train I've ever seen, it's a monster.