PrimalAgony said:
Is NYC really worth the trip i've heard rumours about it being crowded and generally awful.
NYC is composed of five different boroughs, some much rougher than others. If you're a white person, tourist or otherwise, it's best to stay out of certain places that haven't already been gentrified.

Flushing, Queens has Chinatown which is worth a visit if you're not too racist, easily offended, and up for a culinary adventure. Then there's Brooklyn and Manhattan, both of which have rather high concentrations of hipsters.

New Yorkers are known for being assholes, so I imagine you'll get guff no matter where you go. Although I believe most of the abuse boils down to good-natured ribbing. "Ball busting". It's just how they interact with people.

P.S. And Times Square is supposed to be very, very overrated.