Hiro is a fantasy into reality. Everytime I see images with stickers and badges in my brain I would always imagine them not being there, but he literally makes that happen. Ahhhh!!! It benefits Kona too, which is another thing I like.

And speaking of decensor, I would like to learn too, but dat pussy needs to be a perfect pussy. Idk. Again, maybe I’d be doing it, but I’d have to learn and I prefer drawing pads… not a mufuckin trackpad.

And wow, drawing legs with mouse… well it’s definitely possible yeah. Gonna be soooo much hard work tho, but if you have the time and dedication, go for it and impress us. To your talent: Come on baby let me see, what you’re hiding underneathhh

And (NSFW) there’s also some decensor that make me go :/ like ok this maybe isn’t BAD, but maybe if that image where to have this pussy, it might’ve been better for me at least. Maybe I’m just mistaken tho.