Wiresetc said:
Been into cars since Gran Turismo 2 ('99), so my favorites are the Supra, Skyline, Impreza, Lancer Evo and RX-7 FD. Driving a JDM car has always been my dream and I plan to make a reality in the near future. Drifting also looks interesting, but also difficult. I guess my taste is a little similar to RyuZU's.
I see you're a man of culture as well

Got my driver's license 10 years ago, but never bought a car myself. It's because it is too expensive if you're still a student. Usually I drive my father's car which is a '99 Opel Astra (or Vauxhall for those living in the UK). My driving style in games is aggressive and exactly the opposite IRL (too slow everywhere). It's actually pretty funny that people get mad in traffic, because I drive too slow. Not sure if anyone can relate(?)
Next year I'll try again, here is very bureaucratic, it will take up to 3 months or more, here it is also very expensive, including simple cars being a student or not, I aggressive in games too, I want to see when I get my driver's license, but when I trained neither fast nor slow, normal I would say, I follow the allowed speed.

Back in the NFSU2 days (2004) my dream car was a heavily modded bright green Nissan 240SX. Then I found out about ricers and decided to not ruin my car with over-the-top mods.
Mine was the blue Skyline from the tutorials, Nissan 240SX was a very good car, it was easy to control, I used to play with him from the beginning until I released the skyline.

Besides the usual street and sports cars I have an interest in a large range of race cars, mainly because of GT and Forza influences. The '91 Mazda 787b and '87 Sauber C9 are really cool imo (sounds included). Group B rally cars like the Audi Quattro S1 and Lancia Delta S4 are legendary too.
It's not my type of car but they are cool, especially '91 Mazda 787b and '87 Sauber C9.

Recently I took a liking to the McLaren 720S, 2012 Aston Martin Vanquish and Ferrari 488 GTB. These are all just dream cars. In reality, I will probably end up with a Nissan Leaf or Toyota Auris, but it doesn't hurt to dream.
I recently started to be interested in the Range Rover Evoque, black with black wheels like this one, and yeah xD.

A very good video about cars, Wekfest Japan 2019