RyuZU said:
Next year I'll try again, here is very bureaucratic, it will take up to 3 months or more, here it is also very expensive, including simple cars being a student or not, I aggressive in games too, I want to see when I get my driver's license, but when I trained neither fast nor slow, normal I would say, I follow the allowed speed.
Hope you can get your license next time. Good luck!

Mine was the blue Skyline from the tutorials, Nissan 240SX was a very good car, it was easy to control, I used to play with him from the beginning until I released the skyline.
That's such a good car as well. I love the blue Skyline. iirc the original R34 color is called Bayside Blue. It would be nice to have that. A few weeks ago, I tried an Assetto Corsa mod called Shutoko Revival Project. It is surprisingly accurate from the actual highway and I recommend you check out the mod if you have the game. Lots of JDM cars there too.

I recently started to be interested in the Range Rover Evoque, black with black wheels like this one, and yeah xD.
Nice! The black on black fits really well. You might like other cars in the Sports Utility Heroes category in Forza. The Lambo Urus looks pretty good imo.

A very good video about cars, Wekfest Japan 2019
Lol, I watched this a few days ago. It might have been recommended to us both around the same time >_<
On Youtube, the user Crowned uploads (in-game) car related videos. Along with bass music (not sure if it is your taste or not).