Wiresetc said:
Hope you can get your license next time. Good luck!

A few weeks ago, I tried an Assetto Corsa mod called Shutoko Revival Project. It is surprisingly accurate from the actual highway and I recommend you check out the mod if you have the game. Lots of JDM cars there too.
It's an impressive mod, it reminded me of Wangan Midnight, I don't have the game yet, I'm looking to buy Persona 4, maybe I'll buy it together, I'll see if my PC can handle it, this mod encouraged me to buy and the game is on sale.

Nice! The black on black fits really well. You might like other cars in the Sports Utility Heroes category in Forza. The Lambo Urus looks pretty good imo.
I liked them, I wish my PC could handle Forza, it looks really fun, sometimes youtube recommends Forza drift videos, I have a Steering Wheel but I don't remember if I have Shifter, is in a little room without using for years.

On Youtube, the user Crowned uploads (in-game) car related videos. Along with bass music (not sure if it is your taste or not).
Thanks for the recommendation