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Recent Downtimes + Donations
Seems like some of the tasks are making lighttpd cry and not restarting it properly.
I think I've fixed it but I'll be monitoring it tonight.
Should be fixed now to not happen again.
In any case maintenance tasks are now on 11PM GMT, that way I can take a look if something bad happens
Isn't my luck awesome? We have had a hardware failure and I had to order a new server. My money is totally out I had a reserve for emergencies and now it's gone.

If you would like to donate you can do it by visiting:

I also removed the jlist banner, too hard to navigate and didn't receive a single dolar even though I did some sales
I donated $5 for you Shuugo. Unfortunatly thats all I have to spare right now. Sorry that I can't give you a lil' more.
I greatly appreciate all the donations received. Current total is 75USD. The reserve fund is almost restored.

Thanks to all who donated.
Thanks for all the donations. Total collected was 75USD, I think for now will do as fund reserve if anything where to happen.
For people who donated now or in the past and want some kind of recognition contact me with the paypal transaction ID