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where are they pics from??
i know they must be from Blackrock shooter, but some of this pics look like there is another ova, which i don't know about :(
is there a seccond movie from Blackrock shooter??

gz Janik2009


was sind das für bilder?
ich kenne zwar Blackrock shooter aber solche bilder kann es doch nicht gab doch nur eine ova und ich sehe hier bilder von charakteren, die man nur 2 sekundne im ganzem film gesehen hat :(
gibt es da noch eine ova/folge/film/serie ect. die ich nicht kenne?

The OVA was based off a character already used as artwork for a Hatsune Miku song. Other characters inevitably followed the BRS, though more Fan made ones exist beyond the official 4 that were subsequently in the OVA .
should I keep my fingers crossed for another OVA?
You wouldn't be alone in wanting a 2nd OVA.
Never been able to beat her at arm wrestling.
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