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building dress feathers gothic monochrome wings

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Name of this forgotten find?
Looks like the site it came from,, was an older one that went down some time ago and was never restored. is another copy of this pic, along with other work from the user Jinzhou. If someone has a minitoyko account, would you like to import the remaining wallpapers over to konachan? is another source, but now appears to be closed and cleaned out.

As far as I can figure, he started out with and when the bandwidth grew too large he either created or migrated over to and eventually bowed out of the anime wallpaper scene from there. Truly this is an ancient find as far as the internet goes.

Of course, if someone wants to correct me on this issue, I invite you to do so and beat my 10 minutes of google searching names.
Nice. I couldn't find anything on my search. So thank you greatly.
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