higashi_no_eden monochrome morimi_saki

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See, THIS is how you do a good signature on an image! It blends right the fuck in WITH the image!
Well, the tones in the picture are sort of... unvaried. So it would be easy to do this. Possible the only colors that stand out are the red reflectors on the... What ever they call it, and her eyes.
True, it's a monochrome image, but I've seen artists who purposely make their signature stand out even in a monochrome image like this. (Imagine the text in this image being in white instead or some other very bright color compared to the rest of the image.)

I like the sig in this because the artist didn't try to do a blatant self-advertisement. An even better artist would be able to integrate the sig into the image (rather than just blend it). e.g. Using signs or billboards on the buildings in the BG to contain the sig info.
Ahh... That would indeed be a bit annoying... Unless it was at the bottom because the taskbar would hide it.
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