amane_suzuha animal_ears faris_nyannyan gun hashida_itaru kiryuu_moeka kitunen maid makise_kurisu male okabe_rintarou otoko_no_ko pink shiina_mayuri steins;gate urushibara_ruka weapon

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The gun is fairly random.
JJK said:
The gun is fairly random.
not really if you watch the anime
I did, and I know. But it is fairly random in the picture still. Sticks out might be the best way to put it.
Itaru is unbelievably cool in this pic.
translation for the omelet?
Suzuha just went through a really intense battle in a maid outfit. That's dedication to both the fight and to the store.
The omelet reads "死ね" which in turn translates to "Die"
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