gia gun original weapon

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is it me or look the gun a bit like an oversized P90?
Not really.
Loading system is too different, not as sleek and simple, too many places for it to get caught on clothes.
It's only superficially resembles a P90.

I do question the magazine here though. What kind of rounds would a gun fire for the magazine to arc rearward away from the muzzle???? Then there's the placement of the mag right behind the muzzle. Muzzle velocity and bullet accuracy is practically worthless with that set up. Seems gia completely bowed down to aesthetics and artistic license for this design (or just has no sense of firearm design at all...)
This is Gia, it's part artistic licence, part futuretech. It's probably fired by magnetics.
It looks like Gia took his cue from the Juggernaut Tactical Rogue receiver modification for the basis of this gun (I have one and they aren't cheap!). The Boberg XR feed mechanism might have been his inspiration for the magazine, as some prototypes have been made that flip the cartridge around into the breech so they could be fed from backward facing tubes prior to firing to cut down on receiver dimensions. Gia's design seems a contradiction in a sense that it's obviously a support platform that couldn't afford the user/operator any quick defending movements, but that it has a close-combat bayonet attached (one that is pinned in place and almost shorter than the barrel extension/flash suppressor... What has me, is the Picatinny/Weaver rail at the rear...
Anyone ever considered the term "Rayon" in the gun's name? Meaning the cartrige doesn't nessarily have the follow rules if it just technically a battery. The mechanics in the back simply fires it. Wish we had those kinds of blades, but whats with the sub-kinky tail back there?
And what would it fire? Judging from the barrel muzzle, this sucker fires solid shells, not energy shots of some kind.

On the other hand, this is Gia and I'm very much so aware of the fact that most JPN artists can't design/draw believeable firearms for squat. (And that's just the aesthetic part of the equation. I'm not even gonna get into the practicality and functional aspects of anime firearm designs. Mostly because that's off topic.) "Rule of cool," indeed... *sigh*
The gun's mechanism is a complete mystery, just like magnets, how do they fucking work...
Every time you inject reality into fantasy, Kami-sama kills a catgirl.
Who cares about whether it's a believeable gun or not?
It's a picture. It looks good. It does what a picture should do. Deal with it.
Aficionados have been interpreting and debating art for thousands of years, it's what we do here on Kona also...That is what art is for, deal with it...

Debating and comparing opinions of art is a form of admiring and respecting it. Thinking people do this...
Xavier said:
Not really.
Loading system is too different, not as sleek and simple, too many places for it to get caught on clothes.
Clothes? What clothes?
Im sure it only has some resemblance to a P90 because of the rectangular barrel, but i agree, the different magazine and stock makes it much more different than a p90
This might be a 40mm Grenade launcher,...
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