armor blue_eyes pointed_ears purple_hair shorts staff thighhighs tree weapon windforcelan world_of_warcraft

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Looks like something from World of Warcraft, atleast when you look at the staff, the shoulders and the ears.
from the claw it looks like she could be a night elf druid
Druids take forms of bears and wolves right? Phantom claw of a Paladin or summing, I'm readin the Night Angel Trilogy , this reminds me of something like that
PonySwagg said:
I'm readin the Night Angel Trilogy
good choice, just finished it.

back on topic: I think it would have looked better if the bear paw was a different colour, The gold looks nice but to me its just too similar to the gleam on the tree and the staff... and the hair... and basically everything with sunlight on it. Maybe she used magic to bend the sunlight to look that way.
it looks like the dark magician from yu-gi-oh :P
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