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Sometime it has to be existed at the right place.
What the heck does that mean? Nice picture, btw. The knives don't seem very ergonomical though.
It's just "ergonomic" ^_^; And it doesn't matter TOO much since they are throwing knives. I little pointy-er on the "handle" part, but you would be holding them between the fingers, not in the palm.
Hyperstorm said:
Oh sh*t she just used her ultimate: "Death Lotus" ! Ruuuuuuunn everyoneeee!!
well fuk T-T /"an enemy has been slain""doublekill""triplekill""quadtrakill!""PENTAKILL!!"( and stole baron and dragon)"ACE!"
she has the legs of one of these heavy wight champions dudes XD
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