anthropomorphism blue_eyes charizard charmander charmeleon fire garoudo_(kadouhan'i) long_hair mechagirl navel orange_hair pokemon tail

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That would be the best pokemon ever
PAIIS, 3girls (removed) doesn't really apply here since it's variations of essentially the same character. (I'm ignoring the whole pokemon naming scheme in this case.)
Fair enough. Sorta figured the 3girls would eventually be dissolved into the upcoming group tag, anyhow.

Seeing as the wiki is sparse on 3girls, I'll tac something referring to this on there. Feel free to edit if there's anything that doesn't fit.
This has some clever ideas, although I'm never been a fan of using hair as an replacement for tails. anthropomorphism aside, even Charizard is too loli for my tastes.

As for tags, maybe a new "samegirl" tag.
Septentrion_P said:
As for tags, maybe a new "samegirl" tag.
If you'd like to argue for the tag, take it to the forum. I highly doubt that particular tag would be approved though. I'd argue against it, personally, and, knowing Stahn, he would too. Still, you're more than free to propose, so long as it's done in the forum.
I wanted to know about the elder form for this pic. Have you ever finished on it?

Ex : Kiddo Form, Teenagers Form, Adult Form and Elder Form?
Ex : Beginner Form, Standard Form, Normal Form, Special Form, Mix Form, and Final Form?

I'm waiting for your response. T.Q
Septentrion_P said:
As for tags, maybe a new "samegirl" tag.
Shark Girl?
shouldn't the girl as charzird look older and not the same as charmeleon?
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