black_hair blade_&_soul boots eyepatch gloves gun long_hair po_hwa_ran tokitaka_(amaterath) twintails weapon white_hair yellow_eyes

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This is what you get if you make a women pissed
MrEightfingers said:
This is what you get if you make a women pissed
ah yes... one of the most valued laws of anime:

women can pull out gigantic weapons from "Hammer Space" secretly located behind them. must be a pain to reload that thing... i can only imagine the caliber size...
Who needs to reload? Anime guns have endless ammo, remember there are no "Laws of Reality" in the anime world. :)
As for the pic, I like tokitaka (amaterath) visual of her much better than the other pics of her so far. :)
Pretty sure if this has been previously noted since its one of the tags but she isn't from an anime, she's from an online game.
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