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A discussion/class I'd like to be in. Oh imagine the knowledge I shall gain!
They plan to make madoka kiss homura? WOW
While the artwork is very rough, I do like the idea of having all time travelers in one room. Shinobu is missing on the left though.
Troggyman said:
Shinobu is missing on the left though.
I think Shinobu would be included with Araragi's shadow.
having all the time travelers in various parallel universes in the same room would destroy space and time?
The image next to Homura kind of reminds me of post #99602 .

It's missing Urushibara Ruka though (VN).
They could have also added (Little Busters spoiler!)
Agos said:
They could have also added (Little Busters spoiler!)
He doesn't count as a time-traveler. Instead, he spoiler.
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