brown_hair close jpeg_artifacts long_hair orange_eyes original patipat_asavasena tattoo

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"Let's use all the colors!" +3 minabi points if you get the reference.

Oh and speaking (heh) of which, here's an animated version of the same picture with her entire "circuit" (hair too) going through all the colors. Thanks Imgur.
Flandre93 said:
Those hands.....
I know right I would love to have that patern on my hands and face and the hair loks brilliant nice job. Defo gonna favorite this picture.
The pattern's pretty cool, but the shape of her right hand seems odd (too long).

@minabi-kun's link - Heh.
Oh, and were you referring to Lulu? I can't think of anything else (except Dulux ^_^)
Flandre93 said:
the shape of her right hand seems odd (too long).
probably cause of perspective...

I wonder if there is a widescreen version...
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