animal aqua_eyes auron bicolored_eyes black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blush boots bowser brown_hair casey_lynch crown dress elbow_gloves final_fantasy final_fantasy_x final_fantasy_x-2 fox fox_mccloud glasses gloves gordon_freeman green_eyes group guitar guitar_hero half-life hat horns instrument kingdom_hearts link_(zelda) luma mask metroid miyamoto_shigeru necklace nintendo pointed_ears ponytail princess_daisy princess_peach princess_zelda rosalina samus_aran sigurdhosenfeld skull_kid staff star_fox suit super_mario super_smash_bros. sword tail the_legend_of_zelda tingle weapon wedding wedding_attire white_hair wink yuna_(ffx)

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Thought this was awesome until I saw the bride and groom. I've already seen Peach and Bowser tie the knot once, no need to traumatize me again.
One of the tags says Kingdom Hearts, but I don't see anything KH related. I haven't played half the games though, so if someone sees something, can you please point it out?
That Kingdom Hearts reference is about Auron a FF character that appears in KH2
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