blonde_hair clownpiece condom cropped fairy hat hater purple_eyes thighhighs touhou

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This tells me that the US is like a sexy blonde girl who likes to be buggered, but with care, or something like that
Her costume design really does perplex me, seeing as she's a fairy of Hell.
The artist must not think too highly of the US...
I assume you mean the artist that created the character, not the artist that drew this image.
Whoever put her in stars and stripes...If she's a Hell Fairy...
I want them to make one about Denmark now! I would love to see that! Something like a half-naked blonde girl with blue eyes, holding a bottle of booze and a cigarette. Or perhaps a nice farm girl, all down to earth and with incredible looks... Oh Denmark <3
.... Vf, you're assuming ZUN is focusing on countries at ALL. Aside from Alice Margatroid's Doll maker of Bucharest which hints at Romania (yet few bothered with this), Clownpiece is the one that brought 'controversy' among fans for being a direct link to the USA (Star Spangled Pierrot). And Clownpiece is the only one with such an obvious ... 'look' hinting towards a country.

Nope not at all. As a matter of fact I only realized that this was from Touhou when you mentioned it just now. Let me rephrase it: I want someone to make one about Denmark now! To be more specific, I want someone to make an amine styled image with a girl representing Denmark O.-
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