animal_ears bandage barefoot black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair boots bow braids brown_hair bunny_ears bunnygirl cape chain christmas clownpiece doremy_sweet drink fairy fang futatsuiwa_mamizou glasses gloves gray_hair green_hair group hakurei_reimu hat hata_no_kokoro hecatia_lapislazuli hieda_no_akyuu himekaidou_hatate hinanawi_tenshi horns ibara_kasen ibuki_suika japanese_clothes kazami_yuuka kirisame_marisa kishin_sagume letty_whiterock long_hair luna_child male medicine_melancholy miko morichika_rinnosuke motoori_kosuzu nagae_iku night onozuka_komachi orange_hair phone pink_hair ponytail purple_hair red_eyes red_hair reisen ringo_(touhou) santa_costume santa_hat scarf seiran shiki_eiki short_hair skirt socks star_sapphire sunny_milk sunset sword tokiko touhou translation_request tree twintails usami_sumireko uu_uu_zan watatsuki_no_toyohime watatsuki_no_yorihime weapon white_hair wings yagokoro_eirin yellow_eyes

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Tagged all characters, except one besides Rinnosuke (I know the character but can't for the life of me remember her name :C ) and one between Ringo and Seiran.

EDIT: ofcourse, it was Tokiko besides Rinnosuke. The other one (between Ringo and Seiran) I haven't the slightest clue though. Thinking it might be Reisen, but not sure...
Mhm, I think it's reisen-san (as in just "Reisen", not Udongein) judging by her matching appearance traits and her appearing along with those other two usagi-musume in other artworks. Nice job with all of those. \o/

Also, unsure whether to tag the colonel_sanders on Hata no Kokoro's mask as the character or as cosplay...
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