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A FATE x Madoka Magica crossover?
Mamis attack always reminded me of Gilgameshs 'Gate of Babylon'...
RychterZychter said:
A FATE x Madoka Magica crossover?
I thought that too when I was uploading it, but a few of the panels do not fit, namely Shielder, Ruler, and Avenger. And Archer is repeated twice, which is kinda weird.

Also, no Fate tag from the source.
Mami isn't really much of an archer. More like a musketeer or gunner.

Now I'm wondering what the inspiration behind this image was.
Freenight said:
Shielder, Ruler, and Avenger
Those are classes introduced with Fate/Apocrypha and Fate/Grand Order.
No Rider though.

And there's no Fate tag, even though the the artist referred to them as Servant Cards. Oh well.
That make me think of Sakura card captor and Fate Stay and i love that style of 32 bit games
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