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Wow, that floor is amazing. I wonder how much work that took.
deceze said:
Wow, that floor is amazing. I wonder how much work that took.
Agreed. The parquet is magnificently detailed. I like pictures like this that paint the scenes of empty schools. Everyone, I'm sure, has at least once stood in their own class when everyone had gone home and just took in the rare silence of the ending day.

This one though, resembles more of the early morning before students start trickling in. To be standing there evokes a feeling that in minutes your classmates will fill the room, and disappear when the bell rings. Your classmates and you, are shifting components that define this place as a classroom. But the walls, the chairs and sunlight catching the blackboard surface, these things won't change. Long after we've graduated, these things will remain and will stay, forever watching, forever a piece of another student's memory.
that is one heck of a extremely well detailed background...
Seren said:
Oh god, I think I teared up a little.
Parquet floors like that were standard in most Soviet living buildings, offices, schools and universities and you will still find plenty of it around in excellent condition. Usually solid hardwood Maple or oak.

arsenixc is one of my favorite artists for his fine detail and I enjoy the nostalgia his works often portray.
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