alzack_connell animal asuka_connell barefoot bell bisca_connell black_hair blonde_hair blue_hair bluesnowcat boots bow breasts cana_alberona cape cat christmas cross dress drink elbow_gloves elfman_strauss erza_scarlet fairy_tail food gajeel_redfox gloves gray_fullbuster group happy_(fairy_tail) hat headband horns juvia_loxar kinana_(fairy_tail) laxus_dreyar levy_mcgarden lisanna_strauss loli long_hair lucy_heartfilia makarov_dreyar male mavis_vermillion mirajane_strauss natsu_dragneel navel necklace pizza purple_hair ribbons romeo_conbolt santa_costume santa_hat short_hair skirt tattoo waifu2x wendy_marvell white wings wink

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