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Looks better from this side. And should we make this post the child of post #251618 since it's definitely the same scene just from a different angle? Don't know the exact rule and limit to that.
It's not the same scene. In the post you mentioned, the older man and the horse are standing at a distance and the...otherworldly being is standing upright, sort of in a relaxed state.

This post seems like initial contact to me, while the other scene might be taking place after the being realizes the travelers mean no harm to the girl.

Anyway, I don't think they should be parent/child-ed.
Well, yea, there is some time separating the two pictures. But for me, this one here is just a moment after the other post (you think it's the other way around), the man just arrived and the whirlwind kind-of creature knows him in a bad way. Whichever way, it's up to our own imagination to make the story in between the two pictures.

Anyway, should I understand parent/child relation is only for post with small variations? (like dress/undressed, different colours or different face expressions)
Exactly. (Or, for lewd posts something like "no cum" vs. "cum".)

It has to be more than just, "Oh, this has the same people in it and the scenes seem to have happened chronologically close to each other."
If we get enough posts consider them a story, create a pool for them.
Quite a few of the pieces by this artist feature the same characters, by the looks of it. There's even another one with the girl confronting the being.
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