admiral_hipper_(azur_lane) akashi_(azur_lane) anthropomorphism azur_lane barefoot baseball_bat beach black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes breasts cleavage deutschland_(azur_lane) flowers glasses gloves gneisenau_(azur_lane) graf_zeppelin_(azur_lane) gray_hair green_eyes green_hair group gui_ss hat loli long_hair manjuu_(azur_lane) navel necklace orange_eyes pink_eyes pink_hair prinz_eugen_(azur_lane) purple_eyes rose short_hair summer sunflower sunglasses swim_ring swimsuit tiara tirpitz_(azur_lane) translation_request tree twintails u-81_(azur_lane) umbrella water white_hair wristwear yellow_eyes z18_(azur_lane) z19_hermann_kunne_(azur_lane) z20_karl_galster_(azur_lane) z21_(azur_lane) z23_(azur_lane) z25_(azur_lane) z35_(azur_lane) z46_(azur_lane)

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