amagi_(azur_lane) amazon_(azur_lane) animal_ears anthropomorphism azur_lane blue_eyes blue_hair breasts brown_hair bunny choker cleavage damiaodi dress foxgirl gothic group headband horns i-13_(azur_lane) loli long_hair north_carolina_(azur_lane) orange_hair purple_eyes short_hair teddy_bear twintails white_hair wink yellow_eyes z46_(azur_lane)

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...This is R-18 on Pixiv. So, my question is, is that "joystick" actually a penis? Because it looks exactly like a penis and not at all like a claw machine lever.

If it IS a penis, that would make this explicit loli.
Too ambigious. The artist appears to be over-tagging R18, several are at most R13.
Mm. Fair enough.

But I still think that's a donger. XD
Ah, so it is. And I was searching for the reason r18 so long but coulnd't find anything. That was really weird.
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