animal aqua aqua_eyes aqua_hair bloomers boots cat dress flowers halloween hat original pumpkin tsukiyo_(skymint) witch witch_hat

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Geeze Emmy, all these ghosts.....and no tag.....and with Halloween coming around. Well, we have fairy, angel, succubus and demon, but not ghost, or even Yōkai.
I still wefuse! :p

P.S. I wish there was a way to check how OLD a tag on Danbooru was. That way I could tell how long it's actually been in use.
You can see that by clicking the symbol (?) on any tag and then in history, next to "Status New" you can see when it was created
Oh, cool. Thanks.

Anyway, that proves my point. They've had it for ten years. They didn't have to go back through thousands of images to find the ones that could qualify as "ghost".
Of course it would be a heroic effort to check all posts for ghosts, but quite doable to check all the Halloween images where ghosts are most likely. Other images could be tagged on an "as found" basis.
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