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Oh hey! What's up! It's been a minute, Flan!
otaku_emmy said:
Oh hey! What's up! It's been a minute, Flan!
More like a few years ^_^ Hi o/
I thought you made that last post an hour ago. Went to eat and drink and came back, I guess? ;)
You could say that. Also picked up a degree and couple of years job exp along the way ^_^
Mr.peanutbutter said:
Fixed the tags
You didn't "fix" them, you just added some. :p
Mr.peanutbutter said:
Nice to meet you, Flandre!
Likwise o/

And thanks for tagging. Was too lazy to add all of 'em :P
Flandre93 said:
And thanks for tagging.
No problem.
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