2girls animal_ears anthropomorphism autumn azur_lane black_hair blush bow breasts catgirl clouds fang food garter_belt leaves long_hair orange_eyes pink_eyes ponytail shigure_(azur_lane) skirt sky tail tsukiman twintails wolfgirl yukikaze_(azur_lane)

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White hair is Yukikaze, I think.
Yeah I checked and it does fit. I really hate it, when they don't tag the characters on Pixiv.
I can't figure out the other girl... I'm gonna have to research. xD

I'm thinking it's an altered Shigure. She's the only one I can find in the IJN fleet for destroyers that matches up.

Okay, can confirm that the other girl is Shigure. Her hair, eyes, and tail match up with in-game CG's.
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