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ketchup on eggs is a mortal sin. I can't believe the humans subjected me to it in my childhood
Considering the fact that ketchup is a key component in omurice (they even use it as the "sauce" for the fried rice), I think you'd be in trouble. XD
yeah but that there's just an omelette. I like ketchup but just not on eggs
Why would you think that's just an omelette? Based on the size and shape, I'd expect it to be omurice even if it didn't have ketchup on it.

Anyway, even though it's a popular combination, you can always order it without the ketchup. Many places will serve it without it anyway. Just like with salt, pepper, steak sauce, hot sauce, etc., it's a condiment you normally add at your own discretion. Though in Japan, having the waitress write/draw something with it is a fairly popular service associated with this meal.
that's a japanese omelette omg whatever

people do that in america too, it's nasty xD
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