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It would seem that the fleeing secret lab-workers got turned into snow and it is our girl's job to go in there and fix things. If you watch anime you understand this stuff.
Snow? I think you mean stone.
What anime? HaruhiToy, please tag with a copyright :)
They might be covered in ash, a la Pompeii
I just think they're robots. That one without the mask doesn't seem to have a real face. Plus his arm's popped off.
don't think they are robots, about his arm: maybe it got petrified first and broke of and thats why he is holding it.

and I think HaruhiToy just meant watching anime in general.
Enaroh said:
don't think they are robots
Whuh bouh his face doh?
otaku_emmy said:
Whuh bouh his face doh?
yeah looks a bit of I have to say, but why should robots wear gasmasks? expect they are made that way.
but i could also be wrong.
Perrrrrrrrhaps for the extra filtration? The air could still mess with their inner workings? Like fine dust? Or maybe they wear them so as not to frighten other workers who assume they are human?
Enaroh said:
.. just meant watching anime in general.
Indeed. All suggestions above are plausible in anime.
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