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At the time when I played with that, I would wrap the line in a can like this, and the "ribbon" it was several meters, the bigger the better, you could put I would say 15/25 meters up to 50 meters even bigger if it was tape, it depends on the size of the kite, in this video has 70 meters according to who posted, if the kite is small and the tape is too long, it doesn't obey the commands, if the kite is too big and the ribbon small, it would be difficult to control, it was made like this, the kid who had the biggest ribbon was the "coolest", and the line was 500 to 1000 meters.

In this other video, 1 meter kite with the "ribbon" with 1275 meters" according to who posted, another with 500 meters, I doubt a child can controls this, I say "ribbon" but I don't know the name of that thing outside Brazil.
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