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I have mixed feelings with this.. Grand Chase was one of my favorite online games and it really hurted me when they closed it, I never liked the idea that it would revive like a mobile game
From the Grand Chase Wiki:

"Q. What are your likes and dislikes?
A. Of course, Sofi-chan loves mone... I mean... Sofi-chan loves minna-san's love and attention-desu. What Sofi-chan hate most is for minna-san to forget about me-desu. (΄ ; ω ; `) So on that note~ Make sure to press the LIKE button-desu! ❤ "

That shit is too real.
The last time I saw a Grand Chase wiki was when the original game was still alive, reading that thing I have less interest in that mobile game.. also that character I think it was created there because it didn't exist before

by the way thanks for the fix with Amy's name, ironically I have a Gmail profile for years with the surname Plie but I had doubts with the one on this site before
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