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Aren't her eyes blue?
So either you are color blind or I am. Gotta wait for other people's input before deciding.

I might be utterly wrong about being color blind, since I don't have any experience with it.
Or we never find out bc they are aqua_eyes.
*blasts you with the cookie canon; except I aim a little high so it doesn't hurt*
Not to high please, I'm actually very small. :3
Looks like blue and yellow to me. It can be difficult to classify for gradients like this.

The blue has the highest saturation by far, so it should tend to stand out. Though it's also the darkest, so the green might stand out more to some people or on some monitors.

Here are some of the colors used ordered from the top to the bottom of the left eye.
R,G,B, Hue:
13,22,76, 231.4 (Very blue)
80,109,158, 217.7 (Closer to blue than aqua)
124,145,166, 210 (Halfway between blue and aqua)
173,192,174, 123.2 (Very green)
237,251,203, 77.5 (Closer to yellow than green)
252,249,222, 54 (Very yellow)

For reference, the perfect hues in this range are:
Blue 240
Aqua 180
Green 120
Yellow 60
Zolxys said: the green might stand out ...... on some monitors....
Can I call my monitor color blind? Pls say "Yes".
I usually have to tilt my monitor back to really get a good look at eyes in certain posts.
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