bicycle brown_hair building city clouds jpeg_artifacts k_ryo original scenic school_uniform short_hair skirt sky yellow_eyes

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This image is what an anime wallpaper should be like - high detail including a cute anime character in the forground, yet still scenic and everything in focus. Posted only 4 hours ago, yet users have favorited it already 47 times with a vote of total vote count of 185!
Well, part of the score was from the earlier version that this post replaced. ;p
A replacement yes, yet it now has 64 favorites and 222 votes. This is what members expect in a wallpaper. While explicit closeups may get favorited as "flap material", few people would use them as a wallpaper. This image comprises all five important elements: High Detail, Scenic, full depth of focus, good color/brightness balance, cute anime character - SFW.
The problem is: they are rare to find. Would be nice when more artists drawn them.
1. It's "fap", not "flap".
2. People can enjoy nudity and ecchi and sexually charged art without it necessarily having to turn them on.

Just saying.
High details for everything except for the bicycles other than the one on the foreground. This really breaks the scenic vibe for me.
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