aqua_hair bicolored_eyes black_hair blonde_hair boots breasts brown_eyes brown_hair building candy cape choker cleavage cornelia_(girl_cafe_gun) cross dark_skin dress eksistere_kyrenia fang girl_cafe_gun_(game) glasses gloves grainne_draser gray_hair green_eyes group hat headband headdress irene_white_(girl_cafe_gun) japanese_clothes juno_emmons kikuri_yuki kneehighs lida_romero lolita_fashion long_hair miko navel necklace nola_moon orange_eyes orange_hair pantyhose ponytail purple_eyes purple_hair red_eyes rococo_(girl_cafe_gun) school_uniform shiratama_akane shi_wuxia shi_wu_you short_hair shorts skirt socks su_xiaozhen thighhighs tie twintails zettai_ryouiki

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What an enticing gaggle of goils. A bevy of 2D beauties. A plethora of well drawn PYTs. The Lolita girl with heterochromia is my personal favorite of the lot, though the busty blonde on the far right and the miko-looking lass are nice too.
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