Does it really interest you that much?

Because it's hidden?



It's special?

Tokubetsu desu yo?

aqua_eyes blonde_hair blush bow braids breast_grab breasts cleavage dress elbow_gloves gloves long_hair lunch pecorine princess_connect! sword tiara weapon

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... One of the reasons I do so few translations is it's difficult for me to find a good English equivalent in many cases.

Very rough translation:

顔ぽっかぽか (Kao pokkapoka: My face is warm) (Note: Normally a very comfortable warm feeling)

やばいですね (Yabai desu ne: lit. It's dangerous, isn't it?) (Note: Yabai has a more general meaning and I can't think of a good English equivalent for this case)

「これ以上」はちゃんとした手順踏んでくださいね ("Kore ijou" wa chanto shita tejun funde kudasai) (Note: I'm fairly sure one would normally say 進んで susunde rather than 踏んで funde. Anyway, she's basically saying, "For any more than this, please follow the normal steps in a relationship". I can't really phrase it naturally in English...)
You're the best.

P.S. That sounds sarcastic. I'm not being sarcastic.
You're pretty good Zolxys
I had a feeling the last sentence was backwards. I probably shouldn't try to break them down so much otherwise it looses context. And figuring out the implied meaning is the hardest. Thanks for the cleanup Zolxys, you are pretty good :)
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