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Just a remark: the id:invaded tag does not work for me. I guess the website does not handle the colon correctly. Is there any statement telling which character to use instead of a colon in the tag naming rules?

I found the tags help page and it only mentions to replace spaces with underscores and that commas and semicolons are forbidden. Colons are used only as a separator before a tag when you quickly want to change its type as you edit a post.
I noticed that earlier. I tried to add an underscore to the title to create a space, but the tag still would not work.
The colon itself is not an issue. We have plenty of working tags with colons. (eg. re:zero_kara_hajimeru_isekai_seikatsu)

"id:" is a meta tag prefix. For example, id:302914..302915. You will need to choose a tag that doesn't start with those three characters.
The only "solution" I've found is to just use the character tags. That has obvious flaws, but... *shrugs*
Should we replace the colon with an underscore in this case then? Searching for id:invaded won't work either way so I guess that's fine to alter the tag's name to at least get something working.
Maybe. Googling "id invaded" still takes you to relevant pages about the anime so it's not like it'd confuse or mislead users.
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