okita San HUGE Victory!

(TBH the '大' means big/huge/great and a whole lot of others possible vocab when putting together with victory but it here just a ooooover exaggeration of her win out of pride or just artist options)
bikini blonde_hair breasts elbow_gloves fate/grand_order fate_(series) garter gloves iriehana navel okita_souji_(fate) scarf short_hair swimsuit thighhighs translation_request wristwear yellow_eyes

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Please don't forget the translation tag, you can't just exclude the chance of knowledgeable person ever coming and translating them all. One day, one day. Fun fact, according to not very reliable Wikipedia page source Japanese has the least number of speakers as second language. Which makes sense since it's really hard to test this to satisfy as second language speaker.
speaking of which, done deal ._. /
although frankly speaking i can read and understand most Japanese which i had not properly studied in a language class or sorts but ignoring the crap grammar on english and japanese as my second language that's the best i think it is the proper translate in english.
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