the sign that is barely visible wrotes:
"右折(轉) 3km 貧困街" (right turn 3km to poverty street). both the sign and the street name are not a legit sign that uses in hong kong however.
small on building wall street sign:
"shanghai street" (上海街) . at the very least the traditional Chinese character are correct.
building city izna_(iznatic) nobody original rain scenic water

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all the feels to see my hometown drew so well like this. and that sign which is so distorted and doesnt exists in real life , the irony level are just so god damn high.

the featured location and building are supposed the shanghai street or at least mongkok / yaumatei , Kowloon as this old 30-50 era buildings are only able to be found in these area.

btw the 賑火南街 (sin ka street south) clearly visble although is a fictional street name the sign pattern are correctly reflected.
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