akashi_(azur_lane) amazon_(azur_lane) animal animal_ears anthropomorphism ark_royal_(azur_lane) ayanami_(azur_lane) azur_lane bell bird catgirl cat_smile chibi eldridge_(azur_lane) group hammann_(azur_lane) javelin_(azur_lane) kisaragi_(azur_lane) laffey_(azur_lane) loli long_hair manjuu_(azur_lane) mutsuki_(azur_lane) nicholas_(azur_lane) prototype_bulin_mkii_(azur_lane) scan shiranui_(azur_lane) shnva short_hair sleeping tail twintails universal_bullin uzuki_(azur_lane) wink z23_(azur_lane)

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Last two are the two bulins laying on Akashi.
Thanks for your hard work! ♥
Happy to help when I can. :D
I cant find yamashiro, tag should be removed?
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