animal bird breasts cleavage clouds elbow_gloves fate/grand_order fate_(series) gloves long_hair purple_hair red_eyes scathach_(fate/grand_order) scathach_skadi_(fate/grand_order) wand yangsan_(2991076090)

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Why Skadi doesn't have a tag here? she and Scathach are different characters
This says she's just the Caster-class version of Scathach, plus the tag they use is just "Scathach Skadi" and it still implies "Scathach".

So I reckon that's why.
Well that is a summarized and it's a little more complicated
Nepcoheart said:
Well that is a summarized and it's a little more complicated
I'll ask Zolxys about it later.

For now, I must retire to my sleeping chambers.
I never played or watched most of the Fate games and anime. And I don't think I followed all the discussion about our tagging methods for those characters. But based on the variety of tags we're using for other characters from the franchise and the differences I'm seeing between these two in the early posts on danbooru, it would be reasonable the tag them separately.
I'll get to that tomorrow...later today then. :p

There shouldn't actually be that many.

Thank you for your opinion, ZolxyssssssssSSSSS.
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