amakusa_shirou animal_ears braids caenis_(fate) fate/grand_order fate_(series) food genderswap glasses gray_hair group long_hair mash_kyrielight purple_eyes qin_shi_huang short_hair wink yellow_eyes yu_(want_rou_nai_zi)

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Fuck if I'm going to look through 169 pages for a character on Danbooru that ISN'T a Playboy bunny. It makes me so furious that I can't use more than two tags to look for anything on there.

Someone please tag whoever the tan one with the ears is. I can't even tell if it's a genderswap or not.
It's Caenis, you can be guided by her tattoo on the chest

And about searching with many tags I usually use Gelbooru for that, there the same Danbooru posts automatically appear after a few minutes and you have no tag limit in the search

by the way i think the other girl is Amakusa Shirou not Archer, look at the hair style
Thank you. I knew they looked familiar, but with the other two being genderswaps... You get it.
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