animal_ears barefoot bell bikini blush breast_hold breasts catgirl cleavage close collar fang original pokachu swimsuit tail white white_hair yellow_eyes

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Awh. I wish you wouldn't let that stop you from uploading images like this.
BattlequeenYume said:
Please delete it. There will be a higher res coming anyway. Normally I'm avoiding to upload post with a dlsite link. But well, I noticed it too late
Yeah, but the votes can always be transferred later. I'd hate to never be able to upload anything from Pokachu's Pixiv ever again just over the possibility/likelihood that it'll be replaced. That's not really fair. So I think it should stay. You'd be the one replacing it anyways so it's not like it's post sniping either.
You noticed that I didn't replaced the other pokachu posts? Arsy did it bc he got the dslite images.
It still doesn't make sense to delete it. There's no precedent for that. At the very least it makes it easier to transfer votes if and when it does get replaced.
You hadn't transfer votes when you just leaved it deleted though.
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