algerie_(azur_lane) anthropomorphism aqua_eyes armor azur_lane black_hair blonde_hair blue_eyes blue_hair blush breast_hold breasts cleavage dark_skin dress drink enterprise_(azur_lane) food garter garter_belt glasses gloves gray_hair group headband headdress horns howe_(azur_lane) jean_bart_(azur_lane) jeanne_d'arc_(azur_lane) joffre_(azur_lane) le_malin_(azur_lane) le_temeraire_(azur_lane) le_triomphant_(azur_lane) l'indomptable_(azur_lane) long_hair l'opiniatre_(azur_lane) maid maille-breze_(azur_lane) newcastle_(azur_lane) pink_hair pi_(p77777778) ponytail purple_eyes purple_hair red_eyes ribbons richelieu_(azur_lane) see_through short_hair sideboob skirt spear stockings thighhighs twintails weapon wings zettai_ryouiki

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