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Everything is awesome execpt the title. Should have been something like: "Grand Theft Auto: (San)Gensokyo"
I love how it they resemble the gang.
CJ = Driver: They always make you drive.
Big Smoke = Front Passenger: He has to eat first, shoot next.
Ryder = Left Rear Passenger: Always has to show that he's better.
Sweet = Right Rear Passenger: Well he doesn't need two guns to show he hard.
Cuda007 said:
Sweet = Right Rear Passenger: Well he doesn't need two guns to show he hard.
Yuakir heh? Okez... 2 goons fir her.... one is Ran's =D ... Ran told her that she ain't coming because she want's to be with Chen XD... so Yuka-san took her gun XD.
They are made pretty well after their personalities.
Yuyuko: Always hungry...
Sakuya: Always ready.
Remilia: Always enjoying a fight(others fighting).
Yukari: Always selfish.

Tensa said:
Well Flan might be the most powerful char in Touhou. I mean, she is the most powerful(more powerful than Remilia). So 2 guns equals her strength.
Flan: Always want's to play.
That is not Flan. That is Yukari.
unicode787plus said:
That is not Flan. That is Yukari.
Oh ya XD thought it was Flan because Remilia and Sakuya are present :/ didn't look at tags XD
Should've been Grand Theft Touhou.
Did anybody else noticed Marisa flying in the background? Should tag her?
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