anthropomorphism gia original red_eyes short_hair thighhighs weapon white white_hair

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dude you are an extremley amazing artist and a fantastic photoshop artist please please make more drawings like these girls they are amazing and origanal you are amazing at manga and mecha i wish to draw like you some day if you see this post please be so kind and tell me how long you practices before you made drawings like this yours fanly wishstodraw
Tensa != gia
The artists rarely post their work here themself.
wishtodraw said:
so this aint his work ?
Noup =3 .... hey, this isn't a site like deviantart or something like that where you post YOUR OWN work.... this site is for wallpapers and big, horizontal images. Anyone can post any image they want (thou you must read the Upload rules first =3).

And most of the images you'll find here (like over 90%) are drawn by Japanese or Chinese artists =3 Thus most of the images are taken from Pixiv, artists own sites and Danbooru (Danbooru also takes images from Pixiv and artists sites, but if you don't know some Japanese you can't go around Pixiv so you got Danbooru that's in English).

Have a nice day~ =3
well thanks for clearing it up for me lol still lots on hentia on this aint there lol
Gia's machines are getting steadily more human.
Am I the only one getting a little scared here? (o_O)
Thats because she is exhaling large amounts of dust from her arms. Kinda hard to do that with hands in the way.
personguy said:
i see no hands
at least this one has feet
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